Anonymous asked:
what apps does stella use for her pictures??

Probably VSCO /Afterlight :)

emberblue22 asked:
Hi Stella! When are you gonna visit Phillippines? :)

Haha umm this isnt Stella! You can talk to her on though :)

if-you-seek-ami asked:
Have Alec and stella broken up??

Noo, theyre still happily together :)


I’ll be going to New York in August, and I’ll be staying in midtown Manhattan. What should I do while I’m there??


"We’re freaks for Pinkberry"

"We’re freaks for Pinkberry"

llo7ve asked:
PS I love ur blog:)<3

thank you!

llo7ve asked:
Whats one thing about stella that stands out?

her personality :)

Anonymous asked:
How tall are Vanessa and Stella?

5’2” / 5’3” :)


Vanessa and Stella Leave yoga classes (June 5th)

Vanessa dances with her family at Disneyland